When officials from the United States and Poland inked a deal to support the addition of combat troops in Poland, the latter’s foreign minister–Jacek Czaputowicz–said that this strategy puts the American soldiers where they are really needed. 

“The presence of American troops in Poland enhances our deterrence potential because we are closer to the potential source of conflict,” Czaputowicz said on Saturday on a joint-appearance of Mike Pompeo, the US Secretary of State. 

“It is important that they should be deployed in Poland, and not in Germany,” the top Polish diplomat explained. “The art of war assures us that the capability of deterrence is higher if the army is deployed in the right place.”

The presence of US troops in Poland is part of the plan of the Trump Administration to pull around 12,000 American soldiers from Germany. This move was announced last July. A thousand of those troops will add to the existing 4,500 US troops in Poland. Meanwhile, others will be deployed to Italy and Belgium. Others will be sent back to the United States. The available ones will be stationed to other global hotspots if needed.

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