Crisp autumn is rolling in. Give yourself something fun to do by trying some of these fall activities and busting lockdown fatigue fast!

1. Handpick produce
Who said you are limited to pumpkin? Visit an apple orchard or a nearby farm on a weekend and handpick delicious produce to take home. It is an enjoyable activity, even for adults!

2. Visit farmers’ markets
If you want to enjoy good food while sweating less, just head to the local farmers’ markets. Nothing beats fresh, seasonal produce. Load up on apples, beets, leeks, parsnips, and mushrooms and eat like kings.

3. Play in the leaves
What can be more fun than barrelling full force into a pile of leaves? Keep this in mind the next time you must rake your backyard. It will feel less of a chore!

4. Make Autumn-inspired artwork
Collect fallen leaves, press, and varnish to preserve. Frame the prettiest ones and display on your house for everyone to enjoy.

5. Host fright nights
Gather your family on a Friday night and take turns choosing a horror movie to watch. Turn off all the lights and have a good scare!

6. Roast pumpkin seeds
The abundance of pumpkin is an excellent excuse to try roasting your own pumpkin seeds. It is easy and delicious. Clean out most of the pulp, toss with butter and your choice of spices, and bake at 300 F for 45 minutes or until golden. Now you have a tasty snack or crunchy addition to soups and salads.

7. Visit a haunted house
If fright night is not enough, you can opt for a ghost tour and get your adrenaline rush. Every town has a rumored haunted house. Which one is yours?

8. Write a gratitude journal
Combat lockdown fatigue by focusing on everything you have to be thankful for. Acknowledge something you are grateful for every day and record it on your gratitude journal. You will feel so much better!

9. Enjoy pumpkin spice
It is the season for pumpkin spice! How do you like yours? Whether it is in latte form, cookies, or yogurt, fall is the best time to indulge in this warm, cozy trend.