All the items you have used over the summer now deserve a deep-clean. Removing germs and bacteria are super important, especially in this world amid COVID-19. Below are often overlooked spots to take care off for your fall cleaning.

1. Gardening tools
After a good growing season, your gardening tools deserve deep cleaning this fall. Treat them to rust remover spray before storing for next spring.

2. Mattress
Never overlook your mattress when cleaning your bedroom. Vacuum it with a UV sanitizing attachment to get rid of dust-mite matter, bacteria, viruses, and pollen.

3. Handheld electronics
You will be shocked once you realize just how filthy your cellphone is. Clean it regularly with phone soap to remove bacteria and other germs. Extend the courtesy to your other handheld electronics like earbuds, smart watches, and tablets, too.

4. Picnic cooler
Now that beach days and barbecue nights are done, give your picnic cooler some love before stowing it inside the garage. Buy a cleaning spray and give your cooler a good rub down, the insides included. If you use a non-toxic solution, it should be okay.

5. Patio furniture
A good wash pre-storage will extend the life of your outdoor furniture. No need for an expensive pressure washer – just attach a high-pressure spray nozzle with a soap dispenser to your regular garden hose and it will get the job done.

6. Carpets
It is hard to think about all the germs embedded on your carpets. Deep clean them as often as you can. Sanitize your carpets with a lightweight carpet cleaner, and do it to your throw rugs, too. Fall is the best time to deep clean them since humidity is lower and the carpets will dry faster.

7. Yoga mats
Remember the second niyama: saucha or cleanliness! Never roll up your mat without cleaning it. Its surface touches your face and body all the time, not to mention the floor. Give your yoga mat a good wipe-down with an appropriate cleaner to avoid slippery residue. You want a squeaky clean mat, not a slippery one!