Every year, there is much anticipation for Thanksgiving. If you are hosting, this may translate to pressure and stress. The stakes are high! Not to worry though, because a little food science and common sense can help you avoid the common holidays pitfalls. Below are some expert tips on how to keep your cool this Thanksgiving and have a good time.

1. Keep it simple.
People have their own definition of a feast and it does not always have to be Hollywood-perfect. Serving good turkey, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, gravy, and a simple vegetable dish is already enough!

2. Ask guests to share dishes.
Divvying up courses is a delicious way to relieve the kitchen stress. It gives people the chance to share their traditions, too. You can also pass recipes to other members of your family to give them confidence in the kitchen.

3. Cook in the microwave.
Certain types of foods can be cooked in the microwave. Asparagus, string beans, and potatoes all come out fine and it is one less thing to wash up for you.

4. Cut the turkey before cooking.
It is a challenge to cook a whole turkey perfectly. If it gives you anxiety, just cut the meat and cook it separately. There is no need for grief! You can just cook the turkey breast separate from the legs for better chances of having your bird cook evenly, moist, and delicious.

5. Pick up a store-bought dessert.
Is it cheating? Yes. But does it matter if you serve your guests the same great pumpkin pie? No.

6. Opt for square pans.
You can fit several in the oven and this will save you plenty of time in preparing or keeping things warm. Also, this ensures your stuffing, sweet potatoes, vegetable casserole, and biscuits all come out of the oven at the same time.

7. Cool your wine quickly.
Did your guests arrive too early? Pop your wine bottle in the freezer wrapped in a damp cloth or towel. It will be ready for Thanksgiving fun in 10 minutes.