Driving is fun and also one of the safer modes of transport during this pandemic. If you drive frequently though, you may have picked up a couple of bad habits or so. Check yourself and make sure you stop doing the activities below for your safety on the road.

1. Putting your feet on the dashboard
Is it comfortable? Yes. Is it dangerous? Also yes. In 2015, a couple from Georgia was in a car accident and the passenger broke both of her legs in several places because her feet were up on the dashboard.

2. Eating or drinking
Everyone has probably ate or drank behind the wheel. Often, it is okay, but the more involved the food gets, the more hazardous it is for driving. It is very distracting!

3. Blasting music with open windows
Not only is it incredibly annoying for other drivers, it also creates a distraction that might lead to accidents.

4. Using headphones
Listening to music is not a problem; having headphones on may be. This lowers your awareness and makes it difficult to hear other sounds.

5. Having sex
First of all, having sex in public, even in a parked car, is illegal in some states. Unfortunately, some people do it, even worse, have sex while driving. One study reported 33% of men and 9% of women participated in some kind of sexual activity while driving.

6. Smoking
After burning half a cigarette in the car, the air quality becomes 10 times over what is considered hazardous. Third-hand smoke exposure also worsens. When people sit in a car that someone smoked in, the nicotine and other pollutants covering the car goes back into the air and into your skin and mouth.

7. Doing your makeup
It is best to not do anything apart from driving. If you are focusing on your blush or mascara, your risk for accidents doubles. Your mirror may not be able to show cars around you, too.

8. Driving barefoot
If you need to do a sudden hard brake, your bare foot may be unable to apply the proper force. Moreover, you run the risk of injuring your feet if you need to step out of the car in an emergency.