How well do you know the items on your house? You better check the clutter in your attic or garage – even the most ordinary looking things could be worth money. Below are eight things that can make you richer today.

1. Retro shirts
Vintage shirts from your youth could be worth a lot today. Concert, advertising, and shirts with a cool scene all fetch a handsome amount. For example, a 1990s Mario Brothers Nintendo 64 Game T-shirt sells for $150.

2. Air Jordans
Remember that time you were saving every last dollar just to buy Air Jordans? Your efforts are all worth it. Early Air Jordan sneakers now sell for hundreds if not thousands of dollars, depending on which model and the condition.

3. 1980s and 1990s furniture
The explanation? Nostalgia. Styles that you remember from your childhood are the first things you want to furnish your home with. This is why furniture from the 1980s and 1990s are making a big comeback.

4. Cookie jars
It is time to dust the old cookie jar on your coutertop. These jars are a hot collectible right now if they are from the 40’s or 50’s. In fact, an Uncle Mistletoe Marshall Fields cookie jar from the 1950s sold for $1,200.

5. Men’s watches
The big names fetch a good price – Rolex, Patek Philippe, LeCoultre, Vacheron Constantin, or Movado. The more complex the watch, the more valuable it could be. Buyers are looking for those that are hand wound, made of gold or platinum, have more jewels, moon phases, stopwatch functionality, and day and time.

6. Costumes and masks
First of all, they are super fun. Second, vintage Halloween masks and costumes are worth a ton of money. A Darth Vader mask, for example, sells at $47 online.

7. Vintage cookbooks
Those that have gone out-of-print are highly valuable, as well as cookbooks from celebrity chefs like Julia Child. Check the old cookbooks that have been handed down to you – you could be holding a lot of money right now.

8. Magazines
These printed items were not meant to last. Their value depends on condition, rarity, and number of issues. They do not have to be ancient to get a good price, too. . A special edition Life magazine from 1969 featuring the Woodstock musical festival sold for $113 online.