Simple tools and clever strategies are all you need to speed up your cooking for the big Thanksgiving meal. Checkout the hacks below to make your preparations easier this year.

1. Use cheesecloth for easy stuffing removal.
Before you slide the dressing inside the turkey, pack it in cheesecloth. This will prevent it from sticking to the bird’s insides. When you are ready to serve, just pull it out with ease!

2. Cut your herbs directly into salads with kitchen scissors.
Snip fresh herbs or green onions directly into salads or mixing bowls with a pair of clean household scissors. You can also use them to cut steam vents in the top crust of your pie before putting it in the oven.

3. Add a coat of nonstick spray to your cheese grater for smoother grating.
Grating your own cheese is infinitely better than buying the pre-grated one. Make it a cinch by coating the grater with nonstick spray before use. This also makes cleanup easier.

4. Cut cakes with dental floss.
Sticky cakes and pies are always a hit on Thanksgiving but cutting can be a pain because they stick to the knife! A simple fix is to use a length of dental floss to slice your cake. You can cut small blocks of cheese with it, too.

5. Degrease gravy with coffee filters.
The best gravy comes from beef and poultry drippings from your roast. However, they can be incredibly greasy! Take the grease out while keeping all the flavor in by quickly running the cooking juices through a paper coffee filter.

6. Apples or potatoes can fix over-salting.
Just drop a few wedges of apples or potato into your over-salted stew or soup, leave for 10 minutes or so, and then remove the wedges along with the excess salt.

7. Make the perfect pancakes with a baster.
Fill your baster with pancake batter and pour the perfect amount onto the griddle for picture-perfect results every time.

8. Use a vegetable peeler to make slivers of chocolate.
Decorating a cake with fine curlicues of chocolate? Just grab your vegetable peeler and get the slivers you need easy.