Contrary to what society drills on everyone, education is only one path to success. Finding the right job and being successful with it does not always require going to college. Below are 10 examples that may tickle your inspiration.

1. Photographer
Is your Instagram bursting with traffic because of your cool photos? You can earn money taking pictures. There is plenty of job for photographers including photojournalism, commercials, events, and portraits. There is the added benefit of owning your own business if you want to run your own shop and have a larger income. The national salary average for photographers is over $25,000.

2. Professional nanny
Do you enjoy spending time with children? A professional nanny earns an average income of $32,000 per year. Important skills to be successful at this job include patience, creativity, warmth, and playfulness.

3. Firefighter
This career is for people looking for variety and excitement on the job. Anyone can go through firefighter training without a degree. Full-time firefighters earn close to $50,000 per year on average but many start by holding volunteer positions.

4. Carpenter
Why not put the skills you picked up during shop class to good use? Being a carpenter is a simple but rewarding job. There is minimal stress involved, too. You can see the results of your work at the end of the day. According to U.S. News, carpenters can earn up to $76,750. This can be a good job for you if you have physical strength, math sensibility, and mechanical ability.

5. DJ
For many people, the party stops after leaving college. For professional DJs, it only just begun. If you are into music and have the skills to play, you can become a DJ and book nightclubs near you. The pay ranges from $19,885 to $236,718. The trick is to keep practicing, marketing yourself, and having an open approach to the work, which is really mostly play, isn’t it?

6. Longshoreman
If you enjoy operating machinery, you can be a longshoreman, loading and unloading cargo ships, working in a port or dock. The work can be repetitive but also lucrative. The average salary is around $98,000 so do not knock it until you try it!