Santa Claus may know what everyone wants, but you don’t. There are friends and family that are simply impossible to shop for because they seem to have everything. But do not despair, because the ideas below can help you get a gift for these hard-to-shop-for people and make your Christmas easier this year. Have fun!

1. Experiences
Most people already have enough stuff so go beyond physical items and choose experiences instead. Worthy ideas include a massage, concert tickets, wine tasting, or sky diving.

2. Babysitting service
If your friends have children, you have no idea how much they will appreciate some breathing room. Hire a babysitter for them so they can have space for themselves and get that much needed me-time.

3. Home cleaning service
This is perfect for that one person on your list who simply works too much. Of course, the last thing they want to do with their free time is scrub their toilets or mop the floors. Hire a local cleaning service and your recipient gets a cleaner home instantly. Everyone will appreciate that!

4. Subscriptions
Before there were just magazine subscriptions; now you can pretty much get anything and everything: video streaming services, music services, audiobook services, and even groceries or actual meals that arrive on your doorstep every month. This gift will surely keep on giving!

5. Meal kit delivery service
Speaking of food, meal kit delivery services are seeing a meteoric rise in popularity lately. It is incredibly convenient and will save your loved ones from going to the grocery store or making poor food choices. Buy them a good meal kit service for a few weeks and help them achieve their goals, from losing weight to simply saving time.

6. Cooking classes
Since the pandemic started, home cooking has seen a comeback. More people have rediscovered its joys and wish to cook more at home, especially if they grow more comfortable in the kitchen. You can gift them helpful cooking classes that will teach them how to cook quickly and transform the way they eat. This also works in your favour the next time you come over for dinner.