Fantasizing about living in a dream cottage somewhere in the woods? It does have a Disney Princess feel to it, doesn’t it? Miles of tress, colorful birds, deers grazing – such a serene atmosphere. Buying a house in the woods sure has its perks but it is not a fairytale. Here is what you need to know before making that purchase:

1. Your dream house will often feel damp.
The shade of the trees keeps your house cool, but this also means the house will take longer to dry out after it rains. Without direct sunlight, it always tend to be damp, especially in the basement. Keep potential problems at bay by investing in a dehumidifier the moment you move in.

2. The seasonal chores can be a full-time job.
Seasonal maintenance, like raking leaves in the fall, chopping firewood in the winter, and pruning trees in the summer, does not sound so bad, right? After all, you only do them once every season. Do not underestimate these tasks! When you buy a house in the woods, these are nearly everyday chores. Maintenance is constant, but it is worth it for the stunning views and peace.

3. Start building a roof maintenance budget…
Your beautiful house in the woods is at the mercy of the elements. This means regulr roof maintenance is imperative. It does not come cheap so prepare your budget. The tall trees offer some kind of protection but in exchange, your roof is in constant danger of falling branches, bird droppings, nuts, and so on. In the winter, ice sits longer on your roof, too. Adding to your to-do list are replacing broken shingles, buying a powerful leaf blower, and using an extension to clear the debris out of the gutters

4. And buy a chainsaw.
A burning fire keeps a house in the woods super cozy. And with so much firewood around, you can crank up the heat without raising your power bill. Just remember to invest in a good chain saw to simplify the task of collecting wood.

5. Living in the woods is good for you.
Despite the challenges, a house by the woods will boost your health and well-being. Just being around trees is scientifically proven to improve your health!