Most of your stuff is probably stored on your smartphone: personal information, important numbers, photos of your IDs and insurance cards, money, and so on. It is convenient but this can definitely come at a price.

Simply put, there are some things you should never store in your smartphone because doing so can leave you vulnerable to invasion of privacy, identity theft, and straight-up theft. Check your phone for these items and consider deleting them for your own protection.

1. Passwords
It is increasingly becoming difficult to remember passwords for your online accounts. Many rely on a cheat sheet of some sort to keep track. Of course, you must protect this document and avoid storing it on your phone. What if you lose it? What if your phone data is on a cloud that others can access?

2. Your fingerprint
What if a thief forces you to long-in using your fingerprint? It is just one step to unlocking your phone and a world of personal information. Your fingerprint can be stolen, too! Fingerprint identification is simply not that secure as you would like to believe.

3. Photos with private information
You might believe yourself clever for having photos of your insurance cards, passports, and other licenses on your phone, but what if you lose your phone or it gets hacked? This is particularly problematic if you are storing your data on the cloud.

4. Personal photos and videos
If you have photos that you would not want your family or boss to see, it is best not to store these on your phone, especially since the contents of your phone are vulnerable to hacking or theft. You might think that odds are low, but it only takes one time and your personal life and career are ruined. Do your really want to risk it?

5. Your online bank account
Online banking is incredibly convenient. You can access your money anytime, anywhere! But this comes at the cost of your privacy. Carrying your bank account with you on your phone means you are risking losing control of it if you lose your phone. A more secure way to manage your finances is to do online banking from a computer that never leaves your home.