Thanksgiving is a big holiday, and letting the pressure get to you will lead to mistakes that you are truly better off without. Below are common Thanksgiving mistakes and how to fix them to keep your cool and enjoy the season.

1. Nothing is ready on time.
There are a few things that must come together perfectly to set a beautiful meal. It helps if you start planning a week ahead so you can prepare most things in advance. Write a menu and a matching game plan to make sure everything comes out on time. You will definitely stress less on Thanksgiving!

2. You will buy the wrong turkey.
Do not get the largest turkey that you can find. Too much turkey means more thawing and cooking time and extra portions of leftover to deal with. A good rule to follow is to get one pound of turkey per person.

3. You will forget to prepare the turkey correctly.
Thawing is essential to cooking your turkey right. It will take forever to cook if it is rock hard from the freezer. Give your bird a bath by immersing it in a large bucket with cold water and leave it there untl it is fully defrosted. It usually takes 30 minutes per pound so do it early. Do not forget to take the giblets out of the bird before cooking it in the oven, too!

4. You will obsess over the main meal.
A good Thanksgiving is not just about the main meal but everything around it. While you work in the kitchen, give your guests something to snack on to keep them occupied and in a good mood. Simple snacks like nuts, cheese, fruit, and crackers will work wonders with very little effort.

5. You forgot to ask about dietary restrictions.
You want everyone on your Thanksgiving table to be able to stuff themselves until they burst. Call your guests ahead of time and ask about any dietary restrictions so you can prepare something that pleases everyone and gives them more reasons to be grateful.