Due to the pandemic, hotels have been stricter with their cleaning policies, but are they doing enough? Sure, they may disinfect between guests but you can be certain that they are cutting corners to save money. Below are some hard truths that you need to watch out for.

1. They reuse sheets.
This was an issue pre-pandemic. If the sheets have no visible stains, some hotels just reuse them. An investigation in 2016 found that 3 out of 9 hotels secretly tested did not change sheets. In June 2020, the same test was done and three hotels in New York City were also found to reuse linens or fail to clean thoroughly between visits – the Hyatt Place in Times Square, the Hampton Inn Times Square Central, and Trump International.

2. Sick employes continue to work.
Because of the pandemic, it is harder for hotels to maintain or hire employees. Unfortunately, this means asking employees to work even if they are sick. One employee at Holiday Inn LAX continued to work until she received her positive COVID-19 result.
It can be hard to police other people but you can always be responsible for your own actions and protect yourself. Always wash your hands, practice social distancing, and wear your masks when you are stepping out of your hotel room.

3. COVID-19 positive guests are allowed to check-in.
There are some guests who do not disclose their health status prior to check-in. Still, there will be those that show symptoms during their stay. Hotels are mandated to have an isolation room for such an event but the fact is any suspected patient is still staying there with you. They are supposed to isolate in their rooms, of course, but how well is this isolation practiced?

4. Glasses are not washed.
Here is the truth: there are no international standards for the cleanliness of a hotel, pre-pandemic or during its height this year. Glasses are notorious for being unclean in hotels. It is easy to make them look clean: just rinse it under running water and wipe it with a towel. There is a higher chance this is being practiced in larger hotels where the staff has a limited number of time to clean the rooms.

5. The coffee pots are not washed either.
How many times do you wash your coffee pot at home? The same is probably true in hotels, or worse. Some do not wash theirs with soap or any other cleaner. Pre-pandemic, researchers from the University of Valencia examined nine hotel Nespresso machines that had only been used for a year and found bacteria in all of them. Yikes!