Thanksgiving this year is certainly going to look a lot different from previous celebrations. If you are still hosting despite the pandemic, below are polite things to do for hosts to make sure you have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

1. Call guests and ask about dietary restrictions.
You do not want to leave anyone hungry on your table. Before writing your menu, check with your guests if there is anything they cannot eat. It is very common for people nowadays to have allergies or dietary restrictions and preferences and it is really thoughtful of you to ask.

2. Have a balanced menu.
Your guests are sure to expect the traditional feast so make an effort in preparing yoru turkey, stuffing, and pumpkin pie. After that, you can get creative with all your side dishes to surprise your guests and create new traditions!

3. Serve food that is easy to eat.
Everyone has an excuse to eat until they drop on Thanksgiving, but you do not want your guests to wear food on their outfit. Stay away from messy food and ensure bite-sized offerings are literally bite-sized.

4. Prepare enough food for seconds.
Thanksgiving is about abundance so let your table reflect that. Have enough food so that everyone can go back for seconds. Also, it is always nice to have leftovers anyway.

5. Serve dessert in another room.
Do you want an excuse to not clear off the whole table after the main meal? Serve dessert at another room, like the living room or garden. This gives guests the opportunity to stretch after having multiple servings of turkey and mashed potatoes.

6. Prepare a table for the children.
If everyone is comfortable, you can set up a table just for the children. The adults can enjoy their meal and the children can do the same. Remember to give the kids their own menu, too. They might prefer chicken over duck and since it is Thanksgiving, let them get away with it!

7. Do not clean right away.
Resist the temptation to get a start on the dishes and wait until the guests leave. Simply collect the washing and let them soak in a sink of soapy water until you finish your Thanksgiving festivities.