7 Things to Keep Out of Your Backyard

Are you guilty of leaving random items on your backyard out of convenience? You may want to rethink this habit as some items often get stolen, damaged, or cause accidents when they are behind. Here are the first seven to keep in mind.

1. Bikes. According to one study, a bicycle is stolen every 30 seconds. In a year, that amounts to over two million stolen bikes! It is best not to leave your unlocked bike in your yard and keep it in a sheltered area like your house or garage.

2. Oily rags. Not only are they unsightly, but oily rags from painting and staining projects are also a fire hazard. The mixture of dry oil, heat, and trapped oxygen can cause spontaneous combustion. Be on the safe side and hang your rags to dry outdoors, give it a wash, and dispose of a hazardous waste collection drive.

3. Outdoor tools. Lawnmowers, garden tools, and other power tools should never be left in your yard if you want to keep them in top shape. Exposure to moisture in the air or rain could render this equipment inoperable or lead them to rust. Sharp tools are also dangerous to kids or anyone walking through the yard. For these reasons, it is better to store your outdoor tools in a secure and clean area once you are done using them.

4. Buckets and other containers that can hold standing water. This is the best way to breed mosquitoes in your yard. Just an inch of water laying inside your buckets, kiddie pools, and unfilled planting pots can breed up to a thousand mosquitoes.

5. Renovation debris. Any home project or renovation is not done until you cleaned up all your stuff, including debris. Nails, shards of glass, and splintered wood are dangerous if left laying around. Sweep your work area and dispose of the debris to avoid accidents.

6. Bug spray and sunscreen. Sun exposure weakens bug sprays and sunscreens. Left unattended, these also pose a poisoning hazard for kids and animals. A safer way to store these products is inside a cool, dry place that is not accessible to little ones, definitely not your yard.