10 Subtle Things You Do That Make Thieves Target Your Home

There are many indicators that entice burglars to target your home. Some of them are obvious, that you probably avoid already, but there remain the not-so-obvious things that you do that attract thieves to your house. Check them out below and protect your space!

1. Leaving large boxes visible in your garbage can. 

Leaving the box of your new 60-inch HDTV or high-end gaming console on the curb alerts thieves to the presence of these valuable items inside your home. Next to cash, electronics are the most common target of theft. For protection, break these large boxes and bundle them together to hide the labels before throwing them out.

2. Posting vacation photos or videos.

Your sunset photos from Batanes, Philippines are sure stunning, worthy of thousands of likes, but wait until you are back home to post them. Otherwise, you are notifying the bad guys that your house is empty.

3. An overflowing mailbox.

Put your mail on hold while you are gone and subvert the number one signal burglars look for: an overflowing mailbox.

4. A pile of newspapers.

Similar to a bursting mailbox, burglars also take the newspaper pile in front of your home as a cue. Sometimes, they even leave a pizza flyer in front of your door to see how long until it gets removed.

5. Leaving a door unlocked.

It seems rather silly, leaving a door unlocked before leaving your house. But according to statistics, around 30% of burglaries happen this way! Zero effort on the part of the thieves!

6. Leaving a crack in the window.

In the same vein as you must lock all your doors, do the same for your windows.

7. An open backyard.

There are perks to having a fence! A house without one, or one that opens to a wooded area, is prime for burglars to target. The setup makes it easy to move in and out of the house and the woods make escaping easier.

8. Leaving spare keys in obvious places.

Thieves have all the cliche spots noted so think twice where you leave a spare key.

9. Leaving the dog door open.

Not all burglars are the size of NFL players. They can easily come through your kitty door, no matter how impossible you think it to be. All it takes is dedication. So if you are a pet owner, secure your pet doors before leaving, too.

10. Open blinds.

Burglars check the inside of your house from the windows. They are looking for valuables that they can take. Remember to store all valuables and always close your blinds to protect against theft.