It is a common financial advice: Make your money work for you. But what does that mean? It is all about controlling your finances to build wealth through investing. Below are more specific ways to make it happen.

  1. Start budgeting.

This is the start of handling your money better. When you learn how to budget, you begin to understand where your money is coming from and are purposeful in spending it. You make your money do what you want it to do rather than spend it impulsively. This means assigning every dollar to a spending category. Immediately, your budget can give you information on how to reduce your spending, identify bad money habits, save for the future, and more.

  1. Work on paying off your debt.

Interest payments substantially cut your income. Your money is working against you because it is all going to interest. You want to pay off your debt to relieve the financial burden. Once you are debt-free, you can redirect your money towards things that are important to you. For example, instead of paying interest, you can save for college, create a retirement fund, travel, start a business, or buy your first home. Look at different debt repayment strategies and start one to get out of debt more quickly.

  1. Contribute to an emergency fund.

Financial surprises are rarely positive. Job loss, medical emergency, unexpected repairs, or a pandemic can quickly send you into enormous debt and wiping out all your progress towards making your money work for you. Creating an emergency fund protects you from all of that. Even in the worst emergency, you are prepared. Start contributing to your emergency fund today. It takes time to build it. You should save the equivalent of three to six months’ worth of income.

  1. Save and invest.

The moment you are debt-free, you can make your money work for you through savings and investments. Your priority should be your emergency fund and retirement accounts. Other worthy goals include education savings, travel savings, a downpayment for a house or car, long-term care savings, and savings to start a business. If you are saving for decades, invest the money in diversified portfolio.