A big financial problem can manifest in small, every day ways. Cognitive dissonance also plays a role. You may think you are making enough money but you face a constant struggle at the end of every month. Below are five signs you are not making enough and seriously need to find sources of more income so your budget is able to get back on track.

  1. You use your credit card to cover your expenses.

If you must use your credit card to pay for your essential expenses, it is definitely time to make more money. You should be able to afford your basic needs with your salary. This is not even a spending issue. However, if you find yourself using your credit card to pay for wants, then you need to change your habits or switch to cash to limit your spending.

  1. You run out of money at the start of the month.

Struggles at the end of the month are common. Sometimes, there are just bad months when unexpected expenses keep coming up. However, if it is just the start of the month and you are already out of cash, then this is a clear indicator that you are facing a financial crisis. It is as if your paycheck has been spent before you even receive it!

The best solution for this problem is to find a new job or seek a raise to increase your income. You can also look for a second job to make the process faster. But this is often a long-term issue. It is still advisable that you look for a better paying job.

  1. You have cut everything and are still short.

Normally, there is wiggle room in the monthly budget. Maybe you can cut entertainment spending or eat out less often. But if you do not have cable or a gym membership and pretty much eat all your meals at home and still run out of money, then your income is definitely not enough.

A bare-bones budget should help you make ends meet. As a short-term solution, you can stop buying anything new or stick to meals with few ingredients. This is not sustainable though. The key is finding additional income sources to improve your situation.