How to Decorate Your Home Without Going Broke

Furnishing your first home or apartment can be very expensive. But do not panic, there are ways to get the furniture you need without going broke or into debt. Learn the awesome tips below and transform your house into a home with nice decoration your budget can afford.

1. Prioritize your needs.

Start with the essentials. List all the furniture you need and get the ones most needed first, like a bed, work desk, or kitchen table. It can be a humble version of what you ultimately would like to have but that is okay. It is better to save first and pay for your furniture in cash than go into debt.

2. Ask for hand-me-downs.

Everyone has furniture they would like to get rid of so ask your family and friends for old stuff they no longer use and you will be doing them a favor. Just remember to clean old furniture first before bringing them home.

3. Borrow, temporarily.

Smaller items, like a microwave or TV, are easier to borrow until you can purchase your own. Of course, this is only a temporary fix. It is still important to save up to buy your stuff.

4. Get used furniture.

Decorating a home with used furniture is an awesome way to save money. There are many good finds in thrift stores, yard sales, or online classifieds. Updating used furniture is easy, too. Adding a new cover, paint, or some kind of refinish is all you need to do.

5. Check out sales and discount warehouses.

Wait for big sales to get the furniture that you need. Sometimes discounts will be so steep you can afford to get everything you need in cash.

6. Go slow.

As mentioned, prioritize the bare essentials. Everything after that can be accumulated slowly. Add the furniture fund into your monthly budget and slowly fill up your house with the things that you need.