Your Guide to Getting the Most Credit Card Rewards

A good list of rewards makes credit cards attractive. In fact, you may have signed up for your credit card because of the promise of free travel and cash or cheaper gas.

But just because your credit card offers these rewards doesn’t mean you are going to get them. There is a proper way to ensure you receive these rewards. Follow these do’s and don’ts below and never miss out on the free treats that are for you to enjoy.

Do: Sign up for a credit card with reward points that you like.

Do not just fall for a long line of rewards, it has to be rewards that you are really into. Sometimes, it can only be a handful but if they mean a lot to you, then it is worth it to have the card. It is easy to get caught up in the excitement of VIP access, world travel, or wine tasting, but if you do not have time for any of these things or are not terribly interested, then you will never get to reward yourself.

Don’t: Spend just to get rewards.

Rewards only make sense if you are going to make the purchase anyway. You can leverage them so you earn a cash back compared to just spending all your money. If it is the other way around, where you spend just to get rewards, then it is really not a rewards but only a plain expense. Don’t fall into this trap!

Do: Read the fine print.

Credit card companies can promise you anything from discounted gas to ninja lessons, but you can only land these if you read the fine print. There are terms and conditions to everything. Yes, they hardly make for a fantastic read but this document is the key to enjoying the rewards you want. Through this, you can get yourself informed about limits on points, expiration dates, spending requirements for bonuses, redemption expirations, and so on. Know the rules and do not let any reward pass you by.

Don’t: Miss payments.

Missed payments affect your rewards. If you have been collecting them for so long, it will be a shame to lose them just like that. Also, look after your credit score! A good or bad rating has a large impact on your financial profile. Always pay on time!

Do: Register your card on the issuer’s website.

Spam mail is never attractive but how else will you get alerts about special deals and offers? It is worth it to sign up to the mailing list of your card’s provider. There are member’s only exclusives that would be really nice to enjoy. Remember: the goal is to maximize your rewards. Eyes on the prize!