Should You Get a Hotel Credit Card? The Pros and Cons.

If you are a businessman or -woman who spends a ton of their time in hotels, then you have probably been offered a hotel credit card before. But should you really get a hotel credit card? Or is it not always better to stick with the professionals, and always prefer using banks for all your credit card services? Well the thing is, hotels are never the only provider of your hotel credit card. Instead, a hotel credit card is offered as a joint product by a hotel and a bank.

So, at the end of the day, a hotel credit card does exactly the same thing as a regular credit card from a bank, just with the added benefit that you can get free hotel stays or extra perks for your stays in the hotel that co-branded the credit card. There are a few more things to consider when it comes to whether or not you should get a hotel credit card, so take some time and read this article to make sure that you can take the right decision for your personal situation.

1. The benefits of having a hotel credit card. First of all, there are definitely several advantages to getting your hands on a hotel credit card. Most importantly, hotel credit cards can make it much easier to get access to free nights at your favorite hotel. The way it works is that every time you use your hotel credit card for any purchase, you automatically earn points that are good for booking free stays with the co-branding hotel. Some purchases even give you additional rewards on top of the points that you would receive anyway, as well as a free anniversary, stay every time you renew your annual membership.

But perks from hotel credit cards can go beyond your stay at the hotel itself. These types of credit cards frequently also give you automatic trip insurance, credits for different resorts, access to airport lounges around the world and credits for airline fees as well. In other words, if the benefits that your hotel credit card offers align well with your travel preferences, then you can get a ton of amazing bonuses out of a hotel credit card. Depending on which features of these cards appeal most to you, it can pay to check online which hotels offer the best conditions for your personal situation. However, having a hotel credit card also has some drawbacks attached to it.

2. The drawbacks of having a hotel credit card. The rewards offered by hotel credit cards are very specific. As a result, if the rewards fail to align with your preferences, then you may end up not really having any benefit from owning a hotel credit card. In other words, reward flexibility certainly does not align well with this sort of credit card. If flexibility is what you are looking for, then there are other types of cards out there that will suit your needs better. This is especially true because hotel credit cards tend to charge you annual fees.

Usually, simply taking advantage of your annual free anniversary stay will be enough to make up for these fees. Still, though – it is a point to keep in mind when considering if a hotel credit card is really worth it for you.

3. Should you get a hotel credit card? There are a few cases when getting a hotel credit card is definitely the right choice. If you love a particular brand of hotel so much that you really want to stay there every time you travel, then getting their credit card could be a great idea. On top of that, if you travel extremely often, you will also reap the maximum rewards from having a hotel credit card. If, on the other hand, you love flexibility when you travel, or you really do not travel that much after all, then all the hassle associated with having yet another card to take care off can quickly turn having a hotel credit card into the wrong choice.

As you can see, it pays to really consider whether or not to get a hotel credit card. If your personal situation fits the benefits of the card very well, then you are going to get great value out of it that more than makes up for the fees and other restrictions associated with it. Otherwise, however, the flexibility of a regular credit card may be the better option for you.