Why on Earth were you denied a credit card when you have good credit? It seems preposterous! One of the perks of having excellent credit is supposed to be that your applications get approved. What happened? Unfortunately, a good credit score is not enough. Credit card issuers look at other factors to determine your qualification. Here are the common reasons why they say no.

Locked credit report. Many credit card applications are processed electronically with an automatic system that pulls your credit history. If you have recently placed a fraud alert or security freeze, the computer may have simply failed to pull out your report. In this instance, extra steps are needed to confirm your identity and you may have to unlock your credit report manually to complete your application.

Outdated information on your credit report. There is a chance that your credit report has not been updated with the latest information, if you have just recently paid off a high balance or closed some old credit cards. It may take a few more days to show up depending on how often your creditor reports your account details to the credit bureaus.

Too much debt. Credit card issuers may consider your debt load too high and deny your credit card application even if you are paying your debt well enough to achieve a good credit score. They are still worrying about default possibilities.

Too many credit cards. How many is too many? There is no published number. The credit card issuers simply decide on their own. They check how many you have and decide whether to approve or deny you just like that. It does not matter how well you can handle an additional credit card. If the issuer thinks it is risky, you will be denied.

Your income is not high enough. What kind of credit card are you applying for? Premium credit cards with the most generous rewards require a higher income. Your best move is to apply for a credit card that fits your income. Inquire with the issuer and check out which product matches your needs and financial capabilities.

If your application is denied, call the credit card issuer to find out the reason behind it. You can then plead your case or use the information you received to improve the chances of getting approved in your next credit card application.