Unfortunately, some money secrets backfire and take you two steps behind on your budget instead of moving forward. Watch out for the false money-saving tricks below that are making you poorer instead of richer.

1. You top off your gas tank.
Stop making these little squirts of gas at the end of your filling. Most of the gas just stay in the hose and all you are doing is giving gas away to the next user. Yikes!

2. You turn off the lights when you leave a room.
Here is a surprising fact: turning off compact fluorescent lights when you leave a room for less than 15 minutes actually costs more than leaving them on. If you are returning to that part of your house soon, just leave the lights on.

3. You cut up credit cards.
Being mindful of how you use your credit cards is a good thing but cancelling them is a bad move. It could hurt your credit rating because you lose that credit line. The amount that you could borrow is reduced and lenders worry when you are close to using up all credit available to you.

4. You fall for grocery store traps.
How many times have you seen this promo: Buy 10 packs for $5? What do you do next? You get 10 pieces to take advantage of the reduced price. But here is a fact: you do not have to buy 10 to get the discount unless the store specifically states otherwise. You can buy as few as you want.

5. You do not use airlines to book your flights.
Many carriers are offering lowest-price-guaranteed fares on their own websites. You can save more money compared to using travel sites and avoid paying booking fees.

6. You frequent discount stores.
There are many bargains in discount stores, and this is just the problem. It is a haven for impulse buys. When you walk in, do not use a shopping cart and carry your purchases in your arms. There is a better chance that you will only get what you need and want and hold on better to your money.