Thousands of Americans struggle with keeping their credit card balances in control. The number one reason is poor spending habits. Take a step in the right direction today by avoiding these six major credit card mistakes below.

1. Charging everyday items
Unless you can easily pay your balance in full every month, using your credit card to buy everyday items is dangerous. A $3 gallon of milk charged to your card can quickly transform into a $30 gallon because of interest. Be really careful because there is no point in incurring interest charges on daily items that you can buy directly with cash.

2. Chasing rewards
Rewards seem like a treat, but are they really? Credit card rewards are usually worth far less than the extra interest you will accrue if you fail to pay off the money you spend to earn bonuses. Also, do not sign up for new credit cards just because of the rewards. It is easier to miss payments when you have more cards than you can manage.

3. Only paying minimum balance
It is tempting but do not do it. High interest charges will keep you neck-deep in credit card debt for years. Better to send the highest payment you can afford every month or pay the balance in full for the gold standard.

4. Taking a cash advance
Isn’t it fun when you receive checks in the mail from your credit card company? Actually, it is not when you realize these checks are not free money but a cash advance. You start to accrue interest immediately as high as 4% and there is often no grace period. The best thing that you can do with these checks? Shred them the moment you open them from the mail.

5. Charging medical bills
Insured or not, medical bills are sure expensive. If you are struggling with settling them, negotiate with the hospital instead of charging the medical bills to your credit card. The interest rate is simply overwhelming. It is definitely not worth it. Look for other ways to settle your bills because charging it to your credit card will only create another problem.