10 Things Your Credit Card Habits Reveal to Companies

Your credit card habits reveal a surprising amount of information to credit card companies. How you use your card says a lot about the state of your marriage, your home, and your lifestyle. And these spilled out information do not always work in your favor. Find out what happens below.

1. Your marriage is in trouble

Most companies comb through data for signs of financial trouble. Did you just use your card to pay for bars and marriage counseling? These may be enough reason for the company to lower your credit.

2. You have terrible manners

If you call angry or use profanity, customer service will mark your account “verbally abusive”.

3. Your favorite vacation spots

Your credit card company tracks all your favorite places to visit, including travels overseas and top ATMs. This is one-way credit card fraud is also checked.

4. The state of your home

According to one study, people who protect their things are also more inclined to protect their credit scores. Those who buy pads for their chairs or install a carbon monoxide are more likely to pay on time.

5. Where you are

If you have your location services enabled for your credit card app, the company can follow your every movement.

6. Your shopping habits

Credit card companies work with marketers to send you special offers. For example, if you shop regularly at Target but have not visited for a while, your bank may send you a coupon or deal to get you back in there.

7. Whether you are worth hanging on to

This may surprise you, but every time you call customer service, the reps see a green or red indicator on their screen based on your risk score. This tells them whether or not they should try to keep you as a customer.

8. Your signature

For contesting a charge, your credit card company can send you a copy of the receipt.

9. You are lonely

Customer service representatives are trained to stay on the phone for as long as the customers want. Some lonely people talk too much and stay on the line for an hour.

10. You are about to cancel

Your credit card company looks for red flags and analyzes signs that you are just about to close your account. If you are, expect promotions and deals to come your way in an attempt to keep your business.