3 Ways to Do a Payment Request

Payment requests are super important for any business, but fortunately, they are also super easy to do! Check out these 3 Best Practices for Payment Requests to get you started on mastering the art and taking all the stress out of payment requests forever. Not only for first-time requests but even for reminders and any other payment request needs that you may have.

1. Just send an e-mail.

Who says that payment requests have to be super formal and complicated? There really is no reason not to just open up your e-mail account, write some nice words, and send it off. The only things that you should consider here are that all the important info is included and that you are e-mailing the correct person – otherwise, your payment request may take a lot longer to process than strictly necessary. Also, no reason to be shy about being friendly and personable in an e-mail. You have a blank page in front of you, and while everyone likes people who are succinct and to the point, some friendly words also certainly will not go amiss.

2. Do a quick call.

Okay, but what if sending an e-mail is not going to fit your schedule? No problem! Luckily, we live in the twenty-first century, with tons of different means of communication at our disposal. All you need to do is punch in the number of your clients, call them up, and then take care of all the details over the phone. Important here is just that you know what you are going to say beforehand, and that you have a list of all the important things ready when you do the call. After all, nothing worse than having to mumble and stumble about while you are on the phone with an important customer. Also, always make sure that you still follow up everything in an e-mail, to make sure that there is no miscommunication. Still, there is no reason to worry about time – if you called them already and cleared up all their questions, as well as told them that an e-mail with all the information is already in their inbox, getting the payment request done should be a super quick thing for them to take care off.

3. Be fancy about it.

Of course, if e-mailing and calling are a bit too old-fashioned for you, then there is always an even better way to go about a payment request: Using specialized software. There are a ton of choices out there, just pick the one you like best and only do super convenient one-click payment requests from now on!